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Cinematography, Photography, and Graphic Design

Hello my name is Briel Jackson; I am the founder and creator of MzAwesome Studio. I have always been interested in making entertainment for others, even at a young age I would follow my family around like a reality show. This was before reality shows were a thing, and I would upset my brothers in the process maybe one day I can post them without them killing me. I also had a passion for photography I would walk around my school with a camera my uncle gave me and take pictures of my friends and classmates and post them on a website I made (yes this was before MySpace and Facebook so the struggle was real haha) I have always had a passion for art in the form of Cinematography, Photography and Graphic design so I decided to not focus on one thing but to focus on all of my passion and then MzAwesome Studio was born

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Electronics have always interested me so much so I went to school to certified in the field, I have been working on cellular phones, tablets, and computers since I attended college in 2008 I remember the first phone I fixed was my brothers Samsung the screen wasn’t working so he said I could have it so I thought maybe I can fix it because the phone could still ring you just couldn’t see anything so I searched YouTube and learned how to fix it then I was hooked

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